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Getting an Accurate Back Pain Diagnosis  

The cause of back pain is complex and it is often difficult to accurately diagnose. 
Accurate diagnosis is critical to achieve the correct treatment. Rapid diagnosis is essential to effectively relieve pain and  improve enjoyment of everyday activities.

Medical professionals determine the cause of the patient’s pain using the following  steps:

  • A Review of the Patient's Medical history

The physician will spend time asking the patient a series of questions, such as a description of when the low back pain, sciatica, or other symptoms occur, a description of how the pain feels, what activities, positions, or treatments make the pain feel better or worse.

  • A Physical Examination

The physician will conduct a thorough physical exam to evaluate nerve function and muscle strength in certain parts of the leg or arm. Usually, this series of physical tests will give the spine professional an understanding of the type of back problem the patient has.

  • Diagnostic Testing 

After the physician has determined the source of the patient’s pain, a diagnostic test may be recommended in order to confirm the presence of the suspected cause of the patient's pain. For example, if a disc problem is suspected, an imaging test can provide a detailed image of the location and size of the herniated disc and affected nerve roots.

  • MRI of the Spine

MRI is the most effective test to visualize normal and abnormal spinal structures and help diagnose the cause of back pain. The MRI scan is an imaging test that allows physicians to visualize the spine and nerve roots to determine the cause of the patient’s back pain. CORRELATING MRI SCAN FINDINGS WITH THE PATIENT'S SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS IS THE MOST ACCURATE WAY TO DETERMINE THE CAUSE OF BACK PAIN.

  • ProScan 3T MRI of the Spine

Our 3T MRI of the Spine provides the clearest, most detailed images of the spinal structures. ProScan 3T MRI of the Spine is the

most detailed imaging to help obtain the correct diagnosis so that appropriate treatment can begin immediately. To diagnose your back pain, get a  ProScan 3T MRI of the spine!