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Canadian doctor serving Canadians needing an MRI scan.

We are dedicated to taking care of Canadian patients needing an MRI scan. Our medical clinic staff base our success on our patients' long-term good health. 

Our doctors office believes in  personalized care based on your health concerns. Read More

Dr. Dhillon reviewed the results of the mri scan in the doctors office and answered all of our questions. I will never go to any other MRI medical clinic. I only trust Proscan for my MRI's.

- Pierre, Toronto, Ont.

MRI in Buffalo

MRI Scan in Buffalo for Canadians ProScan Imaging Buffalo MRI in Buffalo

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​Trusted healthcare for Canadians

 Only MRI Center in NY trusted by Canadians

to provide the most advanced MRI services.

  • ​​​Buffalo 3T MRI Scan

  • MRI for Canadians


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  • Count on the most trusted MRI facility in WNY for all your MRI needs. 


  •  3T MRI Scans standard at ProScan

  • All sports related injuries can be evaluated with MRI Scans

  • Brain MRI scans for stroke/trauma

  • Spine MRI scans for neck/back pain

  • MRE/MRCP for abdominal pain

  • Multiparametric Prostate MRI Scan

  • Breast MRI for implant rupture/cancer



Buffalo's Premier MRI Scan Center 

  • MRI services for Canadian patients - ProScan Imaging Buffalo is the only MRI Clinic with a Canadian doctor providing 3T MRI scans for Canadians  

  • Only Buffalo MRI Clinic with immediate and direct consultation with the physician MRI Scan in Buffalo for Canadians MRI in Buffalo

  • No script necessary-simply call the doctors office directly

  • Do not trust your health to any other facility​

  • Only MRI facility trusted by Ontario doctors.

Call 716-839-2600 for your MRI Scan

​​​​MRI in Buffalo for Canadians-ProScan Imaging Buffalo

  •  #1 Choice for Canadians Needing an MRI Scan.

  • Only MRI Clinic in WNY trusted by Canadian Doctors

  • ​​3T MRI Scan for Canadians