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A wellness MRI scan using the most advanced technology with no radiation exposure can offer reassurance about your health. In high risk patients and those with family histories of illnesses, MRI can detect silent conditions early on to provide the most treatment options.

Your wellness scan is tailored to your individual needs. Our goal is to ensure your best health. Dr. Dhillon discusses the results of all your scans directly with you after the imaging is performed.

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We offer the following scans:

Breast MRI:

Breast MRI provides the most detailed images of breast tissue.  The gold standard for evaluating implant integrity and detecting breast cancer, MRI can identify early disease and detect disease unseen on mammography.  MRI is the only test to reliably detect implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma.

MRI of the Spine:

Low back or neck pain unresponsive to conservative therapy, an MRI scan identifies the cause of the pain and helps determine the most appropriate therapy to keep you at your best.

MRI of the Abdomen and Pelvis:

MRI of the abdomen and pelvis produces the most detailed images of the organs in the abdomen and pelvis.  MRI scans avoid radiation and comprehensively assess  the organs to exclude silent diseases.

MRI scan of the joints:

MRI scans are the most definitive test to identify the source of your joint pain or sports-related symptoms.

Brain MRI scan:

The most advanced test to identify occult neurological disorders including aneurysms, silent strokes, concussions and dementia.

Prostate  MRI:

Prostate MRI assists in determining the source of elevated PSA. Prostate MRI reduces the need for unnecessary biopsies 

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