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The 3T MRI is twice as strong as a conventional MRI scanner, producing precise and definitive images of complex structures such as ligaments, tendons and bones to yield the most accurate diagnosis. ProScan has pioneered the use of this technology and developed unique tests and tools to ensure our exams are the most comprehensive test available to diagnose your injury correctly.

ProScan’s sports medicine specialists perform and interpret more than 1 million examinations annually. This large number of cases, integrated with ongoing research and education, has led to international recognition of our specialists for their expertise in the imaging and diagnosis of sports injuries affecting people of all ages.

The most comprehensive center for orthopedic medicine in WNY

We are dedicated to providing compassionate bone, joint and muscle care to make you healthier and stronger. More athletes trust the Bone and Joint Center at ProScan than any other sports medicine provider in the region.

The sports medicine doctors at ProScan’s Bone & Joint Center are recognized leaders in the diagnosis of sports-related injuries and conditions.

At ProScan’s Bone & Joint Center, our sports medicine doctors take the time to correctly diagnose you so you can return to your favorite sports and activities. Our sports medicine doctors are trained in the diagnosis of all sports-related injuries and conditions, such as torn ligaments, joint instability, muscle weakness, sprains, and fractures.

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Injuries occur when least expected---that’s why we are proud to offer Urgent Care at ProScan for patients suffering from acute orthopedic injures and conditions.
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